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Saturday, June 19, 2010

#716 Big Horn, Crazy Horse & Mt. Rushmore

Day twelve, June 2nd. (Day eleven was uneventrul, a travel day with very little to photograph.)

This was the day we chose to see lot of sights - the battle ground at Little Big Horn, the Crazy Horse memorial, Mt. Rushmore, the Black Hills and the Badlands.

First was the Little Big Horn battlefield. It was the most moving. The "Peace through Unity" exhibit was one that brought tears to my eyes. It is a sentiment that we can all benefit by. Let me know what you think.

The battle of the Little Big Horn is also known as the battle of Greasy Grass Creek.

The National Cemetery is part of the VA Cemetery program. The remains of military people from all ages are interred there. We got there after Memorial Day. The workers were collecting all of the American flags from the graves.

On the way to the Crazy Horse Memorial we drove through some great Wyoming countryside.

Our next stop was the Crazy Horse Memorial. It can be seen quite a few miles down the road. It is absolutely amazing. There is a short video describing how it all got started. It was worth the trip.

Traveling through South Dakota on the way to Mt. Rushmore we saw some beautiful countryside. I just had to capture it.

The Mount Rushmore National Park is one that you may believe you have seen all you need to see from the photos you have seen. At least that thought crossed our minds while planning. Our friends wanted to see it so we went. It was worth it. It might have been more photographic in the morning because of the lighting, but it was worth it.

On our way to our overnight accommodations we passed through the Black Hills.

We managed to catch up with a rain storm. It was around 7 PM and the rainbow was awesome.

As night fell we still had a distance to go and we hadn't eaten dinner yet. We did find a restaurant near a Badlands Park Visitor's center. It was 8:30 PM when we got there and they closed the kitchen at 9. We ate and got some directions to help us find the Triangle Ranch B&B. We had called the B&B to let them know we would be late. It was a delightful place and there will be photos of it in the next and final posting of this series.



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Jack K. said...

We just finished watching Dances with Wolves. It was filmed in South Dakota near some of the places we traveled through. The film was mentioned somewhere along the trip so we put it on our Netflix list. It is very long but worth it. We watched the first half last night and the rest this morning.

Merle said...

Hi Jack ~~ Thanks for your kind words about my cousin. He will be missed as he was a bright spark, always smiling. You have a kind heart.
I enjoyed this post very much seeing the Black
Hills of Dakota and Mt. Rushmore - a really
great trip - Thanks for taking us along.
Take care and look forward to more trips here.
Regards, Merle.

Angela Marie said...

Awesome! Loved the photos!

Truly awesome!

The cemetary made me sad.