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Friday, June 18, 2010

#715 Glacier National Park #2

Day nine May 31st. In the morning we went out on the road to see as much as we could. This time of year the roads are not all open. We had wanted to drive the Going-to-the-sun road, but it was closed for repairs and snow removal.

We walked a portion of the Trail of the Cedars.  It is absolutely beautiful. But you can judge that for yourselves. Can you believe the size of the Jack-in-the-pulpit? It's the last photo in this series.

Along this trail we say a couple of fallen trees with interesting root systems.

And then there were the dead trees that are some of natures beautiful artwork.

At this time of year there is quite a bit of run-off from melting snow. There was also rain water to be "drained" as well.  As you will see in the photos of McDonald creek, there iss quite a bit. The creek was quite powerful.

Along the Trail of the Cedars we also crossed Avalanche Creek.  It, too, was running rapidly.  (There's a pun in there somewhere.)

Lake McDonald is filled partially by McDonald creek and Avalanche creek.  The lake is quite serene when compared to the creeks. We were pleased to have our photo taken by the driver of the Red Bus.

The Red Bus has been operation for quite a while. The engines and running gear are all modern.  While waiting for the tour to begin, we were treated with an opportunity to view the engine.

And now for the wildlife photos.

We thanked some of the park employees for insuring that this deer was convinced to come out for a drink of water. It had its drink and then meandered off through the woods and the parking lot.
We did see another mule deer as we traveled back to our cabin.

The first of June was a travel day and we didn't get any photos. We did have to stop in Great Falls, Montana for service on our vehicle. The next set of photos were taken on June 2nd.  Let's see, there are the battlefield at Little Big Horn, the Crazy Horse memorial, Mount Rushmore, the Black Hills and the Badlands coming up. So, stay tuned.



Sandee said...

That's a creek? Wow, I've not seen one that powerful ever. Way cool.

What a wonderful trip you had. Thanks for letting me come along.

Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

Puss-in-Boots said...

I think what you call Jack-in-the-pulpit is a type of hosta. They grow here, too.

Those creeks look awful cold as well as very swift, but in beautiful country and the lake is picturesque.

I'm so glad that bus has modern innards! At least it will be able to stop in time when the local wildlife decide to use the road as their personal drinking bowl...

Angela Marie said...

Okay... I just finished the Twilet Saga and this is how I pictured it, right down to the bleached tree with roots.

Loved the creek, it looks like it is zig zag. Love it!

Loved the lake with the mountains. It was simply gorgeous with it's mirror affect.

You really need to frame a lot of these photos Jack. Seriously!

Loved all of them!