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Sunday, June 20, 2010

#717 Corn Palace

Day thirteen, June 3rd, homeward bound.

We spent the night of June 2nd at the Triangle Ranch B&B. What a wonderful place.

The Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD was our last stop for sight-seeing. It is a magnificent edifice. Every year they redo the exterior. There were a couple of crews working while we were there.  At least two crews were removing the old corn from the building. At the same time there was another crew preparing vegetation for application to the building. This vegetation is supposed to repel the birds.

Our next stop was our home. You can see that photo in the banner above. I hope you have enjoyed this vicarious journey across a wonderful portion of our United States as much as we have.



shannon said...

thanks for taking us along. :)

Angela Marie said...

I have enjoyed it so much!
Thank you Jack for taking the time to post the pictures. I know it takes time to that. I really appreciate it.

I want to travel in the worse way now!