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Saturday, June 12, 2010

#710 Yellowstone National Park #1

Day five found us leaving Jackson Hole and heading to South Yellowstone. When we visited the Jackson Visitors' Center on day four we were told that the South entrance was not open due to the weather. We were told we would have to go about 100 miles  further through Idaho to get to the West entrance. Fortunately, on day five we were informed that the South entrance was now open, so we set off.

There were a few more photos from the Spring Creek Ranch. One shows the valley between the two buttes that flank Jackson. The other two show the still pond near the Granary Restaurant from different perspectives.

Our first stop was the National Wildlife Art Museum in Jackson. It was on our way out of town and we just had to stop. ;As you can see from the statuary, it is a spectacular place. It is well worth the time to visit.

The road to Yellowstone showed a variety of sights. First were the effects of fire. It is a natural phenomenon that is necessary to keep the park viable.

We then arrived at Old Faithful Geyser where we would spend two nights.  The first set of photos are Old Faithful.  We arrived in time to see the eruption without having to wait too long.  It is rather amazing as you can see.

Next, we took time to look at the hot springs and other geysers in the area. The colors are a result of glaciers scraping minerals from the earth. The colors are spectacular, I think.

We then stepped into the Old Faithful Inn. (We stayed in a cabin at Old Faithful Snow Lodge.)  The Inn is quite magnificent.  We looked around, rested, had a drink and then moved on to our room. ( I have no idea who the woman is in the photo below)

On the way back to our cabin, I had an opportunity to assist a Park Ranger who was taking down the American flag in a rather brisk wind. My military training held me in good stead. Sorry I don't have a photo of that. Perhaps our French friends will share their photos. It was another busy day and the next day promised more sightseeing.



shannon said...

i love all the animal sculpture. thanks for all the photos, it's like we got to go along. :)

Jack K. said...

Glad you liked them. Wait until you see the rest of the photos. I can only set up the photos for a day at a time until I get worn out. It is quite a chore selecting the few from the many. But I do love it, taking and sorting.

Karen said...

Great pics!

Angela Marie said...

LOL! When I first seen the pictures of animals, I thought they were real. Wow!

Great photos! I enjoyed all of them. Brought back a lot of memories for me.

Puss-in-Boots said...

The geysers remind me of Rotorua in New Zealand, my family's ancestral city. I would like to see Yellowstone Park one day...and I'm gonna!

Bird said...

Terrific! Yellowstone is still on my very long list of places to go.