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Monday, June 14, 2010

#711 Yellowstone National Park #2

Day six began with a stop at the West Thumb Visitors' Center. As you can see there was still some snow remaining. We were glad we thought to bring some warm clothing with us. There was a lot of information available at this center. All of the centers provided information. The rangers were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They do a great job protecting our parks.

From the visitors' center we proceeded to the West Thumb Geyser Basin. The colors were spectacular. These photos are only a few of the ones I shot.

As we were entering the basin another photographer alerted us to elk calves near the boardwalk. They keep well hidden. The cow was nearby and keeping a close eye on all of us.  We never did see the bull. Probably just as well.  We did see tracks. Why are the animals not required to use the boardwalk like the visitors?

West Thumb is so named because of its geographic configuration. It is an extension of Yellowstone Lake. There was still ice on the lake. I managed to get some interesting reflection shots. The steam emitting from one of the hot springs near to the shore was quite interesting and beautiful.

This geyser/hot springs site was quite large. The aroma of sulfur and other hot minerals were everywhere. You had to be sure you didn't stay down wind of them for too long. There was a section at the West Thumb Geyser Basin called the Paint pots. It won't take you long to determine why that name.

The next stop was the Old Yellowstone Lake Hotel. It had fallen into disrepair and has been restored to its former resplendent glory. It was at this gift shop where Maryann insisted that I purchase a new hat. I was reluctant at first, but she can be quite persuasive.

Our next point of interest was the Fishing Bridge. Of all of the sights this was the least impressive. I must admit there were at least two photos worth taking.  The view to Yellowstone Lake was impressive. The most important photos was the one with the two varieties of bird life sharing the water.

We followed the road along the Yellowstone River on our way to the Yellowstone Grand Canyon and its falls.

Our next stop was at the Grand Canyon and the Upper and Lower falls.

Upper Falls:

Next stop is the Lower Falls:

After a long day we returned to our cabins at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge.  The accommodations were comfortable.  We did take time for an aperitif prior to dinner.

Tomorrow is another day of seeing the sights, animals and making our way to the North end of the park.



shannon said...

the 4th photo in the west thumb series is a fave of mine! the steam coming off the water, the rock jutting out just so. everything is so pretty!!

Jack K. said...

That's one of my favorites too. Every once in a while a good shot appears.

Sandee said...

I just love this countryside. It's indeed beautiful. Hubby and I need to go back and just enjoy again.

Thanks for sharing your adventure with the rest of us.

Have a terrific day. :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

I love Yellowstone and the Tetons. I need to get back there before Yellowstone blows -- we're overdue according to the Discovery channel.

Pete Bogs said...

Gorgeous photos! I really must see more of this country of ours.

Re: Stetson ... You wear it well!