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Friday, June 11, 2010

#709 Grand Tetons National Park

Day four found us beginning our tour of Jackson Hole and the Grand Teton National Park. These first photos show the glory of the mountains, Jackson Lake and the Oxbow on the Jackson River where they shot some of the scenes for the movie "the Oxbow Incident".

The next set of photos show some of the scenery near the Spring Creek Ranch where we spent two nights. 

One of the first stops was the Jackson Visitors' Center.  Here they have a lot of examples of the local wildlife.
  The antler chandelier was quite impressive.  You can also get your National Park visitors pass.  We learned that the seniors pass is a life time pass and allows you to take three others with you into any of the National Parks for the rest of your life.  And, it only cost us $10 per senior.

One of the sights to see in Grand Teton park is the Cunningham Cabin.  The day we visited we found it difficult to enter due to water on the floor. Of course it is a dirt floor and there was a lot of mud across the entrance. The cabin doesn't keep any of the elements out. I'm sure it was kept in much better condition when Cunningham was alive.

Every day we toured the parks we encountered a variety of wildlife.  It  only seems proper to include some photos of them.  They range the gamut from antelope to birds, bison, & elk, but not necessarily in that order.

We did see wildlife every day in the parks. Check back for more photos.



Angela Marie said...

Awesome photos! I clicked on every single one.
Oh Jack, couldn't you just hear the cowboy poems?

Loved this!

shannon said...

Dad, I must admit that I like the photo sharing of these last two posts a bit more than the slide shows...sometimes the slide shows start before you have a chance to scroll down to them.

What an amazing time you had with JL & MJ!! I'm still hoping that I get to see you and Mom this year. Have you discussed Xmas? :)

Love you both!!

Bonnie Smoyer said...

What incredible've composed them beautifully.