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Thursday, August 07, 2008

#472 Day 10 The trip through Normandy

When we left LeHavre we were headed to Dijon and would arrive there after several days on the road. We would spend this night at a La Mere Poulard Hotel on Mont-Saint-Michel. On the way we stopped at the Caen Memorial in Normandy. It is dedicated to peace and non-violence. While it is dedicated to the efforts of the soldiers who served on Normandy, it does draw some parallels to subsequent wars and police actions. There are displays from the 9/11 attack in NYC.

We also visited the Bayeux Tapestry museum, but they have a policy prohibiting photography. I obeyed the rule.

We then proceeded to Mont-Saint-Michel. It is a sight to behold when you first see it from the roadway. It is located on a very rocky island. There is an ancient Benedictine Abbey at its peak. There is a town that is located at the foot of the "mountain". The streets are quite narrow and are filled with shops, hotels, restaurants and bars. The way to the top is quite a trek. We had to stop several times along the way to rest. Of course there were ample opportunities to take photos.

Because it is on an island, you have to drive across a causeway to get to it. There are designated parking areas. You can park elsewhere, but you do so at your own risk. The tide will come in and take your vehicle away.

One of the things our hotel is famous for is their omelets which are made over an open wood fire. They still prepare them as they did when Madame Poulard first did. It is quite a show to watch them being prepared. It is even tastier.


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