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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

#471 Last day of cruise

Sunday, June 22nd, we have been in LeHavre for two nights and it is time to disembark. The cruise has ended. Most of our fellow-passengers have departed. There are buses to take them to the airport.

We are packed and waiting for our friends to collect us and takes on the next step of our adventure. They did not show up at the appointed time which is very odd. They are always, and I do mean always, on time. As you can see from the photo with the bus, it is difficult to see the boat from the roadway. With that in mind, I went up to the road and waited there for them. It was about a half hour later, we were the last passengers to leave, when I saw a couple of vehicles driving up the pier from the other end. I recognized the first vehicle as a police vehicle. The second vehicle pulled along side the police vehicle and flashed its lights. I knew then our friends had arrived. I was so excited, that I forgot to get a picture. Now our adventure could continue.

We proceeded to the B&B for the first night-La Ferme Chevalier. The accommodations were quite comfortable. Along the way we saw many houses with tatched roofs. Thatching is a technique that dates way back in Normandy. Today it is too costly to have it done and the insurance rates are exorbitant. There is something of a fire hazard to be sure.

The rest of the day was spent touring Trouville-Deauville. (When the tide goes out, it goes out.) You may recall that Deauville is the place in France where American film makers participate in an annual film festival.

As you can see the casinos in both towns are quite something to behold from the outside. We did not visit either casino, but we did have a very nice dinner in Trouville. It was a fitting ending for a busy day.



Fred said...

I had no ideas they had casinos there. The architecture is so much more appealing than it is here.

The Phosgene Kid said...

I really miss Europe. Depending on how this next election goes I may return for good.