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Monday, August 04, 2008

#470 Day 8 of Cruise-Normandy

Upon our arrival in LeHavre we boarded buses which took us to the D-Day beach landing sites and the US Cemetery. The tour began at the museum in Arromnaches. This was the site where the British troops came ashore. Since there was not natural reef to help calm the incoming tides, they built Port Winston. Month prior to the invasion the British planned, acquired and built the barriers and causeways necessary to land the troops. Within a very short time after the invasion began, they were put in place.

After visiting the museum, making purchases at the gift shop we had lunch at a local restaurant. The meal was quite good and the companionship superb.

The next stop was the US Cemetery at Omaha beach. It was one of the most moving parts of our trip. The grounds were deeded to the US Government which is responsible for its upkeep. As you can see they take their duty seriously. At slide #81 there is a memorial to the troops. You can see the mural on the ceiling and the statements of remembrance engraved on the walls. A salute was rendered in memory of their sacrifice.

The sight at Omaha Beach was somber, yet the sculpture was magnificent. Pont du Hoc was the place where the Rangers had to scale steep cliffs to silence the German guns that were dug into very strong bunkers. You can still see the effects of the bombardment. It is a visit you should consider. I am glad we did.



Fred said...

When I went, we started at the memorial in Caen. It was marvelous. Sounds like you got off to a great start, too.

Thanks for posting the pictures. You took some really good shots.

Jack K. said...

Glad to be of service.

The weather was perfect, although a little more sun would have made difference, too.

But I am pleased with they way the all turned out. It was an amazing trip.

Karen said...

Sad, sad, time in history.

Why must people hate each other so much.