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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

#432 Spring Time is Here

Now that Spring is making a concerted effort to show itself, it is time to take a few more photos of our gardening efforts. Maryann is a very good gardener and I do just what I am told.

This morning, after breakfast, Maryann was out watering the plants. The lighting was perfect for photos. May 1, May 10, are the days of the previous photos.
You can get an idea of how things are coming along.

We also were able to do some entertaining on the patio on Sunday.

We played croquet with our neighbors and had a delightful supper.

We look forward to more good times before it gets too warm.



bronxbt said...

looks like good times and some good pics there man...

i'll post more of mine, (per your request) so stay tuned.

our weather's turned to pot again, so wish us some sun too, eh?


Fred said...

I love the picture of the front lawn. It reminds me of my home growing up on Long Island.

Down here, we have little square patches of grass and call it a yard.

shannon said...

dad, looks like you all had a lovely time. wish we could be there to play with you all!

Karen said...

Love the photos!

Your place is bea-U-ti-FUL!!

Darlene said...

It's beautiful Jack...looks like you both have very green thumbs and I am green with envy ;)

love to you,
xox d

Skunkfeathers said...

Enjoy ahead of the heat and humidity! Also keep an eye to the sky as the storms that hit northern CO move in your direction!

Christina said...

what a lovely garden. i definitely do NOT have a green thumb, although i do try!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Beautiful yard!! My front yard is all rocks, grass isn't such a good idea in these parts, but it is tough playing croquet on gravel!!