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Saturday, May 10, 2008

#428 Spring Tree, Flowers and Plants

Spring is making itself known around our house. At this time of year it is appropriate to clean windows on the outside. It seemed right to get a photo of a clean window.

The urn of flowers is a special. Maryann loves to put plants together in the urn to add that special touch of flowery goodness and beauty for the times we look out or sit on the patio.

The Irises are special. At one time they were on the patio just to the left of the urn of flowers. In 2000 they were blooming like this just in time for a get together on the patio to celebrate our youngest daughter's wedding. They are so beautiful and the time was so special that we could not get rid of them when we redid the patio. Now we can see them from our sun room. The neighbors can enjoy them as well.



shannon said...

they are beautiful irises! they were directly by the stairs that lead out from the sun room for my wedding...

mom always refers to them as my wedding flowers. we're still waiting to see what color our irises are here.

Fred said...

Spring? It lasts for a month here. At most. It feels like summer now.

Skunkfeathers said...

Well, it's officially spring here. On Tuesday, one more dose of winter is inbound. Which means hunker down further east for another dose of severe thunderstorms and you-know-what.