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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

#344 Merry Christmas

Last evening we had dinner with George and Gale. It was the first time we ventured off of our property since the snow came. They mentioned that a neighbor had done some rather fantastic ice sculpture. This morning, after breakfast we decided to go take a look at it. You can see the results below. Whoever did it, did a nice job.

Our usual Christmas morning ritual is to get a glass of pineapple juice and a cup of coffee or tea. We then sit by the tree and open our gifts. Even Hazel likes to get in on the act. She spent a good portion of her time sitting in Maryann's lap while gifts were being opened and examined.

We have gotten to that place in our lives where we decide what we would like to have and give those suggestions to our mate. Then it is up to that person to acquire some or all of them. It is also appropriate to add a surprise. One has to take note of comments dropped during the year and take action so it can be a true surprise.

We usually ask for clothing items. As you can see we did very well. The nice thing about this ritual is that everything is the right size and color. Some of the things from relatives were food baskets - fruits, chocolates, biscuits, etc. The one surprise gift that Maryann was not expecting is the DVD set of Ken Burn's documentary, The War. She had mentioned that since she had missed some of the episodes that had already aired, she would have to wait until they were run again.

We will have to learn how to use the GPS system the kids got us. They thought we would use one since we do travel quite a bit. Tomorrow is the time for a trial run.

We hope that your day has been as wonderful as possible and that you are able to celebrate it with your loved ones.



Skunkfeathers said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Jack & family.

After 13 years of no snow on Christmas Day, we got ambushed ;) Denver was supposed to get "a dusting", if that; we got 10" (at least at my place).

And more due in tonight LOL.

bronxbt said...

GPS systems are faboo... especially when they talk like sexy women who tell you "you're going the wrong way..."


that looks like one happy kitteh in the second shot, jack!

regarding your comment on my new blog - RSS feeds simply allow you to be alerted anytime i post (or others you sign up for) in EMAIL form. that way, you don't have to search from site to site, you can read them all (and comment) within one contained email. cool, eh?

Happy holidays to you and yours!!