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Monday, December 24, 2007

#343 The Day Before Christmas

This morning as I was taking out the trash, the recycle bin and bringing in the newspaper, I looked West and saw this beautiful sight. It was too beautiful to keep to myself. I hurried back into the house and grabbed the camera. I shot four shots, and these are the best of the lot.

At this time of year we are bombarded with all kinds of messages. They range from buy more of this to remember to be nice or Santa will reward you accordingly. We are also reminded of the religious meaning as well.

It was that last message the popped into my head as I was taking these photos. If I remember the story correctly, a star appeared in the East to guide the Magi to the birth place. The thought occurred to me that this beautiful full moon was a modern day portent of that tale. One doesn't have to believe in all of the religious trappings of the story to believe that we can all get along peacefully. I am convinced that when we all decide to discover and share the love in our hearts we will all be better off for having done it.

I also recognize how much Pollyanna would applaud that thought. Some will say such ideas are foolishness. That may very well be true. All we need do is look about us and see the evil that people do to each other. On the other hand, we can also look around us and see the good that folks do.

So, my wish for you all this day, is to look at those photos, let them bring out the love in your hearts, and go forth to...

Serve others, care about those you serve, and, by all means, share the love in your heart.


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