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Thursday, December 09, 2010

#797 Day Sixteen - From Unterseen to Wengen

October 21, 2010, was our first day of seeing the sights around Interlaken. We decided to go to the "top of Europe" - the Jungfrau. We purchased tickets to take us to the mountain where we would tour the Ice Palace, see the glacier and have lunch.  The sights were breathtaking.

It will take a few postings to present the slide shows for this one day.  There were so many beautiful photos that I had a difficult time selecting the best ones.

Early in the morning we walked to the nearby train station. We were directed to take the short cut. We crossed the two canals that connect the two lakes which give Interlaken its name.

The first part of the trip took us to the small mountain community of Wengen.  You can judge the beauty of the countryside for yourself.


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Sandee said...

Love the mountain views. I always love them the best. Those vista shots are always breathtaking.

Have a terrific day. :)