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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

#796 Day Fifteen - On to Interlaken

October 20, 2010 we left our friends and headed on to Interlaken, Switzerland. We knew we would have to get a special "pass" once we entered Switerland that would allow us to use the "freeways". The decal shows we have paid the tax to use the roadway.

The last of the French countryside as we drive to Switzerland

Views of the Swiss countryside on the way to the Hotel Rossli in Unterseen, a suburb of Interlaken. The Admirats are wonderful hosts. You will enjoy Jean-Louis and his son Christopher (Herr Cool Guy).  Jean-Louis keeps on top of everything. While he acts like a First Sergeant at times, you will be taken with his sense of humor and his ability to serve with integrity, care about those he serves and shares the love in his heart and soul. Christopher does the same.


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Sandee said...

I'm guessing that the roads and freeways are in very good shape, unlike here in the U.S. I would think so if they have a road tax.

Have a terrific day. :)