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Monday, November 22, 2010

#781 Day Five - Vienna - Part 1

October 10 was a Sunday. We had wanted to hear the Vienna Boys' Choir. The sing for the Sunday Mass at the Hofburgkappelle. Mass begins at 0900. You can buy tickets to get a seat at the service or you can stand in line for a free standing room only spot. To insure a spot for standing it was advisable to arrive early, 0830 or thereabouts. We did so and were successful in getting a spot. However, I don't recommend standing through an hour and a half service. The music was beautiful.

We left the hotel early to be able to get in line for our spot.  The following photos show some of the early Sunday morning street scenes. It is amazing how deserted the Hauptstrasse is around 0800.

The subject in the next few photos were quite a surprise.  Can you detect what is hanging from the end of his nose? Or is there nothing there?

Next we will see the Hofburgkappelle.

Did you guess correctly? Here is a clue.

Yep, it's a spider. Chuckle. Quite a change from the other forms of sculpture. The next set of photos will show some other sights from Day Five.


Sandee said...

That was a long wait. I'm guessing that you thought it was worth it though.

Have a terrific day. :)

Jack K. said...

It was well worth it. I've heard them before. It is always a treat to hear them again.