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Sunday, September 05, 2010

#761 Winery Visit - Castello di Amorosa Part I

The Castello di Amorosa winery is the other one that offered a special tasting tour. It was worth the price. I did manage to take over 70 photos of this winery. I have to admit that it did remind us of some of the castles we had seen in Europe.

The castle is a replica of castles that were built in Italy. Dario Sattui used materials, methods and workmen from Italy to erect this magnificent edifice. It is well worth the trip just to see it.  However, the wine is just as magnificent. The castle is quite complete with everything that old time castles had, from moats to court yards to chapels to torture rooms. The first set of photos will depict the castle and the second set will show the winery and tasting rooms.

The road to the Castle:

Outside the walls of the Castle:

Inside the walls of the castle

The Chapel of the Castle:

Due to the larger number of photos the remainder will be shown tomorrow. Look forward to the inner, darker areas and more


1 comment:

Angela Marie said...

Absolutely beautiful!
I can't wait to visit this one.

My Rob and Nessa went to this one. They loved it!