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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

#707 Goodland to Rawlins

Day two of our trip took us from Goodland to Breckenridge, CO through Loveland Pass to Vail and on to Rawlins, WY.  We took some time to take a walk through Vail.  It is quite a tourist town and it is still growing.  They have some very nice sculptures in Vail.  Between Breckenridge and Vail we did see some some skiers.

Goodland to Breckenridge:

Breckenridge to Vail:

Loveland Pass:



Vail Sculptures:

The next installment will be from Rawlins, WY to Jackson, WY.



Sandee said...

The music is making me crazy. All of it is playing at the same time. Yikes. :(

Jack K. said...

The music is gone. I think.

Thanks for letting me know.

shannon said... weren't kidding, a lot of great shots!!

Angela Marie said...

Jack, loved the music! I would like to know who the artist is. Couldn't find it anywhere.

The old fashioned windmill was so pretty sitting out all by itself.
The mountains with snow and the clouds were breath taking. You know I love the outdoors though. Beautiful!

Jack ~ any more traveling in the future?
Loved your photos. Wish I was a little lady bug on your shoulder (with my camera of course).


So many great pics! Can you believe people are sking? Crazy! That looked fun. I haven't gone sking since high school.

Jack K. said...

Shannon, there a lot more on the way.

Angela Marie, the windmill photo is a continuation of the windmill photos in posting #705

The music on that posting is from Jay Brannan. I accidentally chose it when I made the slide show on I hadn't heard it until your comment.

There was a problem with the music on posting #707. There were too many songs playing at the same time. It was quite confusing. I had to redo all of the effected slide shows. I did learn something from that.

Glad you liked the photos.

Angela Marie said...

Thanks Jack!

Wanda said...

Great slide shows... What a marvelous vacation and you are a pro with the camera.