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Sunday, May 23, 2010

#705 From Lansing to Goodland

Day one.
We got a reasonably early start.  But, first we had to pack the "trunk".  It takes planning and teamwork.

Along the road we saw some interesting sights.  The sign at a rest stop was interesting and amusing.  Wind farms are becoming more common.  The juxtaposition of the old wind mill and the new ones was not uncommon.

We took a side trip to Lucas, KS to visit the "Garden of Eden".  These photos show that not all of Kansas is flat.  Due to the rains we have had recently, the landscape was quite lush.  (There will be a separate posting of the photos from the "Garden of Eden".)



shannon said...

so glad we had a chance to chat this morning, well mom and i did...

love to you all!!

Darlene said...

beautiful memories were made, I'm sure!
Who is so organized in your house? wow ;)

Angela Marie said...

Wonderful photos! Looking forward to more.

Drive safe!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Nothing like a trip through tornado alley during twister season.