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Thursday, September 11, 2008

#499 All Facts and Opinions

Read this article should you choose. It is further information on posting #497 that I have taken down.

I apologize for not vetting #497 more carefully. Thanks to Skunkfeathers for being my conscience.

I still believe Obama/Biden is the better team. You make your own decision.



bronxbt said...

um... hope my rant didn't mess things up.

this is why i prefer to stay politically QUIET.

sorry if i caused any issues.


Skunkfeathers said...

Gawd hep us all when I become our collective conscience ;)

Rational folks can agree to disagree. We just need to try to do it with less emotion and more factual reason. Not always easy when religion and politics are the subjects. Including for this hyar feller.

Jack K. said...

Bronxbt, your rant was perfectly legitimate. I am only concerned about my poor reaction to something that seemed "real". I generally am suspicious of such diatribes. I got caught up in the moment and my feeble efforts to track it down were just that, feeble. Don't stay quiet. Get out and do things political. Otherwise you will have no grounds to complain.

Skunkman, fear not old chap, I wouldn't dare place you in the precarious position of conscience for world. The only one who fits that bill is Jiminay Crickets, and he didn't have much luck with Pinocchio. It is enough for me to thank you for the head slap.

We do have the right to agree to disagree as well as the right to agree. It just seemed appropriate to thank you in this manner.

Time will tell how things work out. Just as soon as you think you have the problem solved, some part of the solution comes up and bites you on the ass.

As for the part about rational folks, I suppose you were making reference to folks other than you and me. snerx.

Thanks guys. I'm pleased that you cared enough to share your views.

The Phosgene Kid said...

There are no rational choices. Just trading one set of masters for another. I'm going Liberarian this time. Time for We the People to be We the People again and I don't think any of the bufoons the media is in love with will do the trick. It is too bad the smaller parties don't have enough money to buy off the media.

Jack K. said...

Phos, you may just be right about the money thing.

And, it CANNOT buy happiness, just more toys to keep us pre-occupied. alas

Karen said...

Obama/Biden of course!