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Thursday, September 04, 2008

#496 Fall is rapidly...

approaching. At least for the last two days it seems that way. What with the cold front coming in from the Northwest and Gustav arriving from the South, it has been cool and rainy. I have had no ideas about writing anything.

The Phosgene Kid has been experimenting, no, taking some fantastic IR photos. I admit to being envious. This morning I finally
did look at my camera operator's manual to see if it could take IR photos. It can't. Maybe I need to look for an upgraded camera. Hmmm.



Karen said...

What happened to spring!?!

BBC said...

Yes, fall is coming, but the weather in the fall here is generally nice.

We sure had a crappy summer though, too cool and too much rain much of the time.

I saved copies of the links you provided and will read them when I get a chance.

BBC said...

I just read the first post, it's true that we have to find our spiritual self but it isn't easy with all the stupid stuff they teach us when young. And keep showing at us as we age.

An, Richard Bach, It's been many years since I read about Jonathan so I don't recall much about it.

In more recent years I've read some of his other books, 'The Bridge Across Forever' being my favorite all time romance.

I've read it twice.

BBC said...

Just read the second link. Well, I don't pray, or ask the cosmos for help. Assuming that if it can help at all that it already knows what I need.

Actually, what I need is world peace, but that hasn't been provided so far.

Well, that and a nice piece of spiritual nooky. :-)

BBC said...

The search usually occurs when we are young.

Not so with me, believed everything was bullshit my first 50 years and mostly ignored it all and just lived my life.

Never got on a serious spiritual journey to discovery until moving here ten years ago.