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Thursday, July 24, 2008

#460 I finally did it...

Today we had appointments with our financial adviser and our car dealership. Some of you know that I have been enamored of owning a red Honda S2000 to replace the red Del Sol. Well today was the day to get it done.

However, upon discussing things with John, our salesman at Ancona Honda, we made the choice to purchase this Honda.
It will be Rallye Red. Feng Shui says that red brings good luck. You will probably be surprised at what you see. We were able to save enough money that we could minimize our debt considerably.

We will take delivery on Monday afternoon. At that time I will take photos and post them here.



Karen said...

Cool, but inquiring minds want to know what gas mileage it gets?

Hale McKay said...

That's not TOO much car for you is it? 8-)

Jack K. said...

hale, actually, it might. The hp is 197, and with a six speed stick, it has lots of pep. It redlines at 8 grand.

karen, 22 to 29 as advertised. That's about the same for the Del Sol.

bronxbt said...

well, i think it's pretty durned nice. seriously. it's not the car that's pimpin, dear jack...
it's the driver.

and the color is sweeet.
(and that's coming from mr.monochromatic me!)

nice choice.


shannon said...

juh? buh? whu?