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Sunday, April 27, 2008

#419 Flowers and Trees...Whee!

Today was cool and great day to get out and do gardening things. We spent time at our favorite local nursery. We bought some annuals that we will plant later this week when the weather gets a tad bit warmer. The morning temps will be around the mid to low 30's so we had to bring the plants inside.

We bought some potting soil and additional cypress mulch for the patio. I had to remove the old plants from a couple of pots on the patio and replace them with the new potting soil. After all that we were ready for a cool drink on the patio. Drinking a beer and letting the cool breeze wash over us was just what the doctor would order had we consulted one. As were cooling off our daughter called from Portland. What a great way to relax. Life is better than good.

I had promised to take some photos of the flowering plants in the front garden. The Azaleas we planted are blooming, as are the Bleeding Hearts. The Red Bud tree on the East side of the house is almost at its prime. The close-up I took of the blooms in it show at least one green leaf. If you click on the photo with the Red Bud close-up you will be able to see the green leaf better.


The pictures of the protected plants were just added this AM. Enjoy the photos and the weather in your area.



shannon said...

and just so everyone knows, they were totally flaunting that they were on their porch drinking cold beer when i was stuck at work for a girl who called off sick! :) lol

looking great, dad. i will have to do a photo montage of our yard when it's a bit more bloomy.

bronxbt said...

the pics continue to look fabulous regarding growing azaleas and other flowery-goodness. wish i could find some decent sized beauty bark nuggets out here to fit my needs. most places in bulk or bag at 80% worthless dust.




Karen said...

Bud Light, eh!?!


Peter said...

Glad you enjoyed the walk through IKEA and I hope you don't mind this "general" comment, I'm running out of time for individual answers.

The Phosgene Kid said...

gorgeous flowers. I haven't had much luck growing things here, it just gets too hot in the yard.