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Friday, April 25, 2008

#418 Farewell, Walt

Yesterday, Thursday, I attended a memorial and burial service for a dear friend. His body finally shut down due to diabetes. He fought long and hard and then decided that his life's mission was done. At the memorial service we were told that during his last days he was reliving those times in his work life that had brought happiness. At all times he was back on active duty in the Army. Sometimes as a Lt., or a Capt. or some other rank and with some other duty. He was a member of the Old Bastards. Today we retired his cup by wrapping black tape around it and placing with the cups of those who had preceded him. Walt, we'll miss you. You will be with us always.

The quote below comes from a recent Michael chat. I have been intrigued by Messages from Michael for about 30 years. It gives me a perspective on life that makes lots of sense. It reminded me of some of Walt's behaviors as he neared the end of his life. He had IV's and other tubes stuck into him. He was receiving dialysis. There were occasions when he was restrained because he was pulling all of that stuff out of his body. He knew his mission was completed.

I had the opportunity to visit with his youngest son about this.
His family finally understood what he wanted. It was time to call it a day. They fulfilled his wishes by allowing him to go with dignity and on his own terms. I am convinced that is the same way my Mom went, too. Strangely enough, Walt died on April 8th and Mom on April 10th. They both served well. They both had totally different and important life experiences. Sometimes their lives were happy and other times they were miserable. Part if it was their own perceptions, but always due to the decisions they made.

We have said that just as much can be learned in bliss as in misery, from love rather than from fear. But we concede that fear-driven misery is a profound teacher and the lessons tend to resonate deeply in the human soul. Why is that? We do not know. But be assured that you are not the only creation that so learns. It is a common condition throughout the universes.

For each of you bearing the weight of worry, sickness, anger, helplessness in the face of events or relationships, we remind you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It is called agape. And it is actually here right now. It may not smell sweet, it may not appear when you need it to remind yourself of your humanity, but it is the driving force of all creation. Fear is a distant second.

So the lesson we can take from all of this, should we choose, is to keep in mind that love (Agape) is a part of us all. It is the driving energy for us all. May you all invite that love into your lives, it will help when the times get rough.



Gail said...

Is this the Walt who was your neighbor?

Jack K. said...


shannon said...

i will always remember him just picking endlessly on me and everyone saying if he didn't like me, he wouldn't pick. the best thing was, he took a picking well, too.

Christina said...

wow, that was quite inspiring. i'm sorry you lost a friend, but i am glad for him that his suffering is over.