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Thursday, April 24, 2008

#416 Spring Has Arrived

At last, Spring has arrived. It seemed to take forever, but it is here at last. We had been planning to make changes in the front garden. The Azalea plant wasn't doing well. I guess you can only transplant them so many times. We selected three new Azaleas with variegated leaf coloring and red flowers. Pictures will be forthcoming when they bloom. We also had a couple of Muhgo(sp) bushes were added. In a couple of weeks we will also add Impatiens. We had to move a Bleeding heart plant closer to the sidewalk on the right. It is now closer to the front door. The rain has been helpful for all of the plants.

In the back we had two Hosta plants moved from the front and planted to the right of the tree on the patio. The photos of the Red Bud tree are included just to let you know it is about to really get beautiful which it does every year at this time.

I hope your gardens are coming along nicely too. As for you folks who are moving toward Fall and Winter, enjoy these photos and return the favor when your Spring returns.



bronxbt said...

saw your slide notification in my inbox this AM when i came into the office!

looks good man! nothing like a fresh layering of beauty bark, some weeding, and trimming/planting of bushes and plants to add some color and 'spruce to yer spruce!'

impressive jack... now go outside, take a seat and enjoy your efforts!


Jack K. said...

I'd like to go outside and enjoy, but there are other chores to do, and there is still a threat of rain.

It is fun getting the place into shape again.

Now back to the ironing board. Thursday is usually laundry day. chuckle.

Karen said...

Beautiful pics!

Lots to do in spring, but fun. Now I must get outside and do some yard work.

btw, we haven't had rain in over a week, hope that's not a sign of things to come.