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Saturday, April 12, 2008

#409 Thanks, Mom,

for all of the things you taught me - self-reliance, integrity, honor, truthfulness, manners, respect of my elders, respect for others who are different than me, the value of reading, how to make do, selective perception, obedience and rebellion, live my own life, etc.

As mentioned in at least one previous post, mom was not an easy person to love, but love her I did. It seemed better to visit infrequently, rather than deal with her staunch protection of her world. The sad part is understanding that she believed she had to protect it. She carried a lot of vengeful baggage aimed at those she believed had wronged her during her life. Most of those "wrongs" occurred from the day she was born until the "perpetrators" passed away. Even with their passing she could not let it go.

From my perspective, the only people she ever loved left her alone to fend for herself.
Her father was her guiding light and pillar of strength. His untimely passing did not help. However, in a way, it did. She recognized that she was the only one left to protect herself. So she set about doing just that. Although she may have been small in stature, she made up for it in her chutzpah and psychological armor. She could be real terror when she felt it necessary.

There is no doubt she believed, as do I, that she did her best for my brother and me. I will always treasure the times that we could talk about her life. I am glad I was able to capture many of the stories of her life. (You can read some of them under the label, Jane.)

So, Mom, now that you have transitioned on to the next series of missions, I am sure they will be just what you need. After all, you will still be in charge of your own destiny. Perhaps our paths will cross again in a future life.





Karen said...

Perhaps our paths will cross again in a future life.

I truly believe they will and am looking forward to it.

Skunkfeathers said...

I am confident that family paths will intersect again.

Best to you and yours, Jack.

The Phosgene Kid said...

They never really leave us...

bronxbt said...

that was... simply beautiful.

*hugz jack*


Angela Marie said...


I have just read you posts labeled "jane". I thouroughly enjoyed them. It is evident that you loved your mom so even if it was a complexed relationship. My experience is mother- son/daughter relationships always are.

I hope you don't mind me saying your tribute to your mom was real, true and from your heart. I think that she would have appreciated that.

It was beautiful ~


Jack K. said...

Thank you all for your very kind comments.