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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

#391 Dad’s Illness - Another Jane Story

When Jane was in her mid teens her father, Jack, became ill with TB. This was a sad time for Jane. She was very close to her father and to this day believes he was the only one in her family who truly loved her.

Her father taught her many things, primarily to live with integrity and be self-sufficient. He was the one person to whom she could turn. He was the one person who stepped in to “protect” her from the demands of her mother and grandmother. They always wanted her to act more like a lady. Jane, the self-professed tomboy, would rather climb trees, roller skate and walk along fences.

Once her father was diagnosed with TB, he was sent to a sanitarium for treatment. It was too far from Jane’s home for visits. When he left, she never saw him again until his funeral. Her mother immediately made arrangements for Jane to go to a Catholic boarding school for girls. Her dad told her mother that such a decision would be regretted in the future. Her mother, Mary, sent her any way. Later in Mary’s life she did come to regret it.

After Jane was in the school, Mary traveled to New York City to visit her brother Lee. She left around Thanksgiving and was sent back before Christmas. From Jane’s perspective, her mother was not an easy person to get along with. Somewhere along the line Jane adopted the very behaviors she disliked in her mother. She won’t be able to learn that until she returns to the astral plane. Maybe that was part of her life’s mission.



Karen said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we had a *time machine* so we could go back and see our loved ones as youngsters.

Darlene said...

adopting behaviors...we all do that to some degree, don't we?

love and peace to you Jack
xOx Darlene

Skunkfeathers said...

So many answers await us on the astral plane; too bad we can't retain them all, during the transitions to the physical world.

The Phosgene Kid said...

I think we all wind up getting bits and pieces of our parents attitudes.