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Saturday, March 08, 2008

#389 El Paso – Day six

Here it is Saturday afternoon. I just got a phone call from Maryann reminding me of the KU and Texas A & M basketball game. I look forward to watching the second half.

Now to the situation here in El Paso. On Thursday we did some research to find a nursing home for mom. Her condition is such that Keith cannot look after her 24/7. She needs that kind of assistance to get around the house. Her usual round is from bed, to bathroom, to living room, not necessarily in that order. It is quite sad to see a woman who has prided herself in being so self-sufficient, become dependent on others. We were able to find a home that has space and is nearby her home.

Yesterday we took mom to visit the nursing home. It is a rather small one with only 48 beds. When we entered there were a lot of folks in wheel chairs right near the front desk. The director gave us a tour and then we talked about the situation. He took some information from us. They do have a program where after two weeks mom could come back to her home for a couple of days. I’m not sure whether this is a good idea or not.

Mom has been realizing that when she leaves she will probably never come back to the one place she has been able to call home. She is also worried about my brother being alone. It is a rather sad situation here in El Paso. Mom has always been in control of her life, and led an independent life. She will miss that. She had a couple of comments about the Villa:

• I hope they don’t serve just Mexican food.
• It is rather dark and dingy there. (She has macular degeneration and has minimal peripheral vision.)
• I hope I have a nice roommate. (She has always prided herself in being able to talk to anyone.)

So on Monday morning we will take her to the Villa and get her settled. Keith will then take me to the airport and I will look forward to being greeted by Maryann.

btw, KU won.



shannon said...

dad, upon reading this entry i think it is finally hitting me, what this all means. i feel like an ungrateful grandchild because i failed to keep in better contact. i feel like i let us both down (she and me).

i spoke with mom just a bit ago about it all and suggested that if/when you go back down to do any fixing of the house, you should smudge it with some sage. i can tell you more about that later.

i love you. please tell grandma sam i love her, too...keith as well.

Hale McKay said...

It's sad to see it come to this for your mother, Jack. Alas, it sounds like it for the best though.

From your description, she seems to be taking relatively very well.

Good luck to you and your family.

??Curious about Shannon's comment about sage.??

Karen said...

We went through this with my Mom several years ago. There's no easy answer.

You and Keith are doing the only thing you can do under the circumstances.

Hugs and prayer vibes your way.

bronxbt said...

tough times indeed, my friend.
good that you are all being supportive of her, and possibly even finding some humor to share with all the change going on.

not like i'd EVER need to tell you this, but give her ALL of your love, ours too, and continue to be there for her.


Skunkfeathers said...

Life-long independence is a hard thing to give up. My grandma fought the inevitable until a stroke finally left her dependent at 92, and she resented it to the end.

Hang in there and continued best wishes from Skunkfeathersville.