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Monday, February 11, 2008

#371 Who is this kid?

This is not an Amber Alert, although it might be. Who is this kid? I haven't seen him in many years.

As I recall his mother used to refer to him as a "darling child". She denies saying that to this day.

One thing I do notice, his nose is straight. Somewhere along the way it will be pointing to the left. (I wonder if that coincided with or caused his political view of the world?)

If the photo were in color you might notice the eyes are blue. You could not help but notice a ready smile. His mother taught him to be polite, to say, "Yes, sir and yes, ma'am." It was his mother's influence that brought him to a love of reading. (What better way to ignore someone than to be caught up in a riveting story?)

His childhood was just as unique as any other young person's was then and is today. Were you to ask him then, "Are you poor?", he would give you a puzzled look. (He might even be thinking, "What the hell are you talking about?")

He only had to repeat the first grade once. Childhood illnesses, particularly chicken pox played a huge part in that. (Wouldn't you know it, they didn't have all of the protective inoculations then?)

The family traveled quite a bit. Hid father and step-father, both, served in the US Army. (Maybe that was where the seed was planted for a similar career?)

If you know him, let me know how he turned out. If you need more clues. Make them up. (Who knows, maybe that is what I just did?)

May peace and love be with you all.



shannon said...

i know exactly what happened to him. he turned out to be an amazing father. a true friend. and an inspirational person.

i love you!

Jack K. said...

Surely there is a mistake there somewhere. lol

The Phosgene Kid said...

My son enlisted - I didn't realize I was starting a military tradition. I think it develops character and responsibility, I know the AF saned me right up.

Karen said...

When you visit your mother, please tell her this friend says she has a wonderful son!

bronxbt said...

such startling & intense eyes for a youngin'


too bad you had to turn into such a looker too, eh?

i've never had the honor of shaking your hand, jack, but from the words above this comment/post, it seems that little boy has made a helluva mark in many lives.

can't wait to see you face to face someday.


Peter said...

Dunno who the kid is Jack, but he looks like he would turn out OK.

Skunkfeathers said...

LOL...I know it ain't me ;) That 'un looks like he turned out a whole bunch smarter!