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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

#355 Bunny - Another Jane Tale

One of Jane’s close childhood friends was a young Jewish boy named Bunny. Jane and Bunny were good friends partly because they were the outcasts, he being Jewish and Jane having red hair. At least that is Jane’s perception of the time and it is probably very close to the truth. Jane and Bunny used to enjoy playing poker on the front porch on Sunday afternoons. The other neighborhood children were only allowed to sit on their front porches in their Sunday go-to-meeting clothes. The other children were somewhat jealous about the differences.

Bunny’s grandfather was a Rabbi, his father owned the movie theater and his mother took care of the family and the family business.

Now to get to the real story, how Bunny (early teens) helped his older (mid to late teens) sister. She was preparing to go to a fraternity party that evening. She washed hair, put it up in combs and curlers. She then turned on heat lamp to dry it. Unfortunately her hair caught on fire. You can just imagine, two kids at home alone, one screaming with hair on fire and her younger brother trying to figure out what to do. He came up with a solution. Bunny put damp towel over his sister’s head.
Covering her head with a towel was a good move. Using a wet towel was a bad move. Sister got steamed and burned.

Mom and dad were at work.
His grandfather, the Rabbi, was out of town. He managed to find Father Welsh the Catholic priest and Jane’s father. They tore up the street and saved Bunny’s sister. She learned a lesson and so did Bunny.

Bunny’s parents were so appreciative
, at Christmas they sent $300 to Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church because of Father Welch's quick thinking that saved their daughter.



Little Lamb said...

That's a lesson learned with a happy ending.

The Phosgene Kid said...

If we all work together, everything works out.

Karen said...

Whew, that takes *hot head* to a whole new level!

Glad everything cooled down okay.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

If Catholics and Jews can get along, anybody can.

Except Nicole and Paris. No hope for those two.