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Saturday, December 15, 2007

#335 A Snowy Day....

in Lansing town. The weather prognostication proved to be true one more time. We are watching the snow falling and the occasional snow plow drive by the front of the house. It is supposed to continue to snow until early evening. We will probably get about 2-6 inches.

We are planning to go out for dinner this evening. There is a group of us that meets every 3-4 months. We will be riding with another couple that has a 4-wheel drive vehicle. We are all mature individuals that recognize that slow and steady insures a safe arrival.

We will be taking a salad as our contribution to the dinner. Maryann and I did make the layered mint cookies yesterday. They turned out very well. We are not responsible for the dessert, but will take some of the mint cookies. We may even take a game of some sort.

I like the bread I baked the other day. However, the next time I bake it I will probably substitute chopped nuts for the basil. I like to experiment.


Karen said...

4 - 8 inches of the wet white stuff expected here...

be safe!

shannon said...

i wish we'd get some snow. it virtually shuts this city down! and there is nothing more beautiful than a snow day when you are 35!! :)