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Saturday, August 25, 2012

#862 Here and Now

Living in the here and now has been touted by a number of folks. It would seem that the only reality we experience is the reality of the moment. To get a better idea of how this occurs, pay attention to a child. Watching our three year old grandson brought this home to me. He is totally immersed in whatever he is doing at the moment. Others can be included, but he is in the moment at all times.

It is a treat to observe him and participate in his activities when appropriate. I prefer to observe. He is learning about his environment, language, relationships, things, and people. Some of the lessons are more difficult and others seem to come naturally. It is particularly fascinating when he repeats words, phrases or actions a number of times. These are the times he is making that reality his own. These are the times when he is learning the most. These are the times that others need not necessarily intrude. What a treat to be able to observe and learn.

The other morning as I was stirring for the day the thought crossed my mind that there just might be another time in life when a person can live in the "here and now". That time occurs as we are "advancing in our maturity". I have had the privilege to exist in this lifetime for seven decades. As each day passes I am made aware of the "here and now" when I am unable to remember things/activities/comments that I just made. That "here and now" has passed and I am in the current "here and now". Even as I am writing this I am aware of the words in the paragraphs above. They are part of my "here and now" for the moment.a  Will I remember it ten minutes from now? Probably. But, only because I will place a reference to it at a place in cyber-space that I visit regularly.
As I am writing this there is some very pleasant jazz being played on iTunes. I do remember how to access it so all is not lost. I do get concerned at times when some things, like peoples' names are not readily accessible. Thank goodness Maryann and I are able to help the other fill in the blanks. However, that sometimes takes a day or two.

So rather than stew about it, I will just remember the example young Eli is setting for me, the quiet jazz, the click of the keys on the keyboard, etc. and all will be well. That is when I do remember. Now to enjoy the "here and now" and rejoice that I can.

Love, peace and prosperity to all who chance upon these words.



Polly said...

Hiya me yankee mate,
Speaking of your 3 year old grandchild made me feel I am so out of touch with you...sorry.
Now I am a grandma and he is 9 weeks old...such a shaky start but his mum is doing amazingly well. We spent a month with him at the beginning. Having trouble with distance; 1300klms away.
Hope all is well with you and yes...trying to live 'in the moment' ( Cesar Milan style)and in the 'hear and now'. Cheers Jack me matey. x

Sandee said...

I do live for the here and now. It's all any of us should do.

Have a terrific day. :)