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Saturday, December 25, 2010

#810 It is that time of year again.

Regardless of your belief system now is the time to give some thought to the concept of "Love thy neighbor as thyself". Here you might want to put emphasis on loving yourself. It will make it easier to love thy neighbor. I don't pretend to be knowledgeable of all religions, but I suspect that everyone of them has this concept as a part of them. Whether that is true or not, I do believe that it is something we should all consider and practice.


May the coming year bring you love, prosperity and excellent health!



Sandee said...

May you have the same times two. Merry Christmas Jack. :)

Merle said...

Hello Jack ~~ Thanks for your comments and good wishes for my trip.
It was wonderful, but also tiring.
It was great to see my Qld loved ones
and I certainly will reminisce over the visits.
I wish you and your family the very happiest of New Years, with health, love and peace in 2011.
See you in the New Year,
Regards and best wishes, Merle.