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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

#776 Day Two of Trip - PM

Part of our trip was to visit:

You might remember "The Eagle's Nest". Was built to celebrate Hitler's 50th birthday. We were not able to get inside and see much of it, but the views were spectacular.  (Un)fortunately the clouds were everywhere.  That's what happens when the valleys are overcast. None the less I did get some photos.

This next photos will give you some idea of the terrain and the locations of sights of interest.

The next photos were taken from the bus that takes you to the top:

The road is very narrow and winding. The drivers are really quite good. It didn't take much time to get to the top.

These next photos will show views from the top.

Some indoor scenes.  The left photo is of a room that has been turned into a restaurant. The on on the right is a poster from the WWII era.

Now for more exterior views from the top.

That's all for this posting. More to come.


1 comment:

Sandee said...

What a beautiful place. I love that you are above the clouds. I think that just makes a fabulous photograph.

Have a terrific day. :)