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Thursday, September 02, 2010

#758 Winery Visit - Kuleto

The Kuleto Estate winery has tours by reservation only. The nice thing about this is the opportunity to see the beautiful grounds and taste some fine wine while doing so. We were fortunate to have Mike as our guide. He knows a lot of the history of the origin of the estate and its owner. I highly recommend spending the money and the time for this tour.

The estate/winery is located on one of the highest points in the area. The owner had to get special permission to build at this site. The road up to the winery is narrow and somewhat treacherous. It is so secluded and secure that you need a security code to open the gate.

Since it is impossible to share the taste of the wine in this venue, I can at least share the vistas and sights of the grounds.

The wine press and bell shown above can be seen in the photos of the winery above. They were purchased by the owner in Italy among other artifacts that are displayed on the grounds. The porch where they are seen is the tasting "room" where we tasted some very fine wines at the end of the tour.

The next set of photos will show some of these artifacts. You probably noticed the wine glasses in the hands of our tour compatriots. Well, you are quite observant and you also saw the bottle next to Mike. We did stop along the way for a tasting from the bottle that Mike carried along. Now for the artifacts.

I couldn't resist taking the photos of the flowers and the artichoke bloom.

The next photos are a view of the owners home and the guest house.

The next photos show the view of Lake Hennessey and the swimming pool near the guest house. When you turn back to the Southeast you will see this view of the vineyards.

Mr. Kuleto also has an interest in vintage vehicles.

Another interesting sight to be seen from the property is the estate of Harpo Productions. It is East of the Kuleto property and may be a little higher.



Sandee said...

I've not been here before so this was a new twist for me. Beautiful to say the least.

Have a terrific day. :)

Peter said...

Beautiful photos Jack.

Angela Marie said...

Jack, you seem to go to the most interesting places. I have never gone wine tasting in Napa or anywhere for that matter. I will put this on my "need to go" list.

Thanks for sharing!