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Sunday, August 22, 2010

#748 Surprise trip

Earlier this year we got a call from our daughter in California. She said we were to block out the weekend of Aug. 13-15 for a surprise visit to California.  She told her mother that I was only to know that much. Maryann then told me to block a whole week from Aug 13-20. Being a dutiful husband and father I did as I was told. I then let life go on. I suspected that it might have something to do with my birthday, but that is in October. (For some, it might be momentous.)

On Aug. 12 we packed our suitcase and my camera gear in preparation for the flight on the next morning. It was not until I received my boarding pass that I saw we were traveling to California via Denver. That was not much of a surprise since our daughter and her family live in the LA area. The surprise was the final destination was San Jose. Now that was a puzzle. Maryann was of little help. Although she did ask me if I had any ideas of our final destination. I had none.

We had a great flight. I even got to help a fellow passenger get information about his Mac Laptop and how to place still photos into iMovie. At least I led him through the help routine.

Once we arrived in San Jose and retrieved our rental car we were on our way. The rental vehicle was a fun(?) experience. We had requested a minivan and had to settle for a Ford Explorer SUV. We needed the larger vehicle to accommodate a car seat for Eli who is only a year and four months old. We still had to drive to the location of the kids. Maryann hooked up the GPS and off we went. It didn't take me long to realize we were heading South. How quickly my steel trap mind snaps shut on the obvious.

As we neared the Monterey and Carmel area, I noticed a sign that mentioned Laguna Seca. I commented about it. Maryann asked me what that meant. I told her that in my younger days I was enamored of sports car races and that Laguna Seca was a road race track. Because I was driving I couldn't take time to read the entire sign. We continued South along California Highway One to Big Sur and the Glen Oaks Motel, our destination.

Because we had to wait a while to get our vehicle we were later getting to the motel than we had planned. Our daughter had to make two separate dinner reservations and we had to babysit Eli while they had the early reservation. Ah the things parents do for their children. ;-)

Eli wasn't too impressed with us at first, but he soon was his usual delightful self.

I think he likes to be photographed. I know I do love taking his picture.

More about the rest of the trip in the next posting. Yes, we did go the races at Laguna Seca and we also went to the Concours d'Elegance at Pebble Beach. There will be photos of both.



shannon said...

i am only sad i couldn't make the trip, too. i love the Eli pics!!! can't wait to see him again myself...not sure when that will be.

Angela Marie said...

Oh my goodness! Jack! You were so close... if I had only known... I would have loved meeting you and Maryann! I would have traveled to where you were. Even if it was just sharing a quick cup of coffee and hug!

What a wonderful, lovely sweet surprise! Your daughter was so thoughtful to have given you such a gift! I am sure it will be a treasured memory to look back on and bring a smile upon both of your faces.

Looking forward to your next post and hearing all about your trip!!