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Sunday, July 25, 2010

#742 Lindsay Who?!?

Thanks, Andi.

Lindsay who??!! 

I can't believe the news coverage being given to a spoiled 20-something yr old. 

Here are a few 20 year-olds worth knowing about: 
Justin Allen 23, 
Brett Linley 29, 
Matthew Weikert 29, 
Justus Bartett 27, 
Dave Santos 21, 
Chase Stanley 21, 
Jesse Reed 26, 
Matthew King 23, 
Christopher Goeke 23, 
Sheldon Tate 27. 
These 20-somethings gave their lives for you this week. 

Repost if you support the Troops.

And you can stop going to see her films. That might send an appropriate message.

Lindsay might want to consider joining a USO troupe and going to the combat zones to visit the troops. It might give her a whole new perspective.



Angela Marie said...

I have to agree ~ thumbs up!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Well said, Jack. I couldn't agree more...

Merle said...

Hello Jack ~ I tried to leave a comment here yesterday but I see it is gone. I agreed with you about Lindsay Who. To think those brave troops died for the likes of her. Regards, Merle.