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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

#698 Photos of Pasadena Sights/sites

We began by walking through the Old Pasadena area.  The architecture is varied and quite beautiful. We had lunch at the "Creme de la Crepe".  It was an authentic French crepe.  We had an opportunity to visit with the owner, a young man from Britanny.

Our next to last stop was the Rose Parade Headquarters to see their rose gardens.

The last stop was the Mission of Saint Gabriel in San Marino.

Hope you enjoy this vicarious visit.



Sandee said...

It's all very cool, but I would have really loved to see that mission. I love missions. Hubby does too.

Have a terrific day Jack. :)

Peter said...

Great photos Jack.

Angela Marie said...

Loved the photos!
Can you imagine taking care of the rose garden? Full time job!
I love old buildings and you captured them very well. I would have loved walking the street admiring them myself.
The mission... beautiful!

You go to the neatest places Jack!