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Sunday, January 24, 2010

#672 From Fog to Sun

It was just one week ago that I posted some foggy photos of the golf course on Fort Leavenworth. Well, this past Friday I was there again. You might remember that is the location where the "Old Bastards" meet for their weekly coffee. It is amazing what a difference a week makes, particularly when there has been some rain and warmer weather.

The next photos are of a strange phenomenon. Neighbors have indicated it is the sun. I think we may be able to see it more often. It has come out a couple of times. Let's see, there was this time on Friday, then late on Saturday afternoon and right now, this Sunday morning it is shining. We are expecting snow flurries later today. The temps were in the high 40's and low 50's Friday and Saturday. Today we go back to the 30's. Ah, well, that's winter in the midwest.

The photo on the left is looking toward the "canyon". The photo on the right was taken a week ago and shows the foggy "canyon".



Gail said...

You must have sent your fog east. As the temperature has risen throughout the day, it has gotten foggier. At least it's not snow!

shannon said...

we seem to be on a schedule of sunny one day, rainy the next...sadly, yesterday (day off) was a rainy one. today (back at work) sunny. bah.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

like the 2 bottom pics best!
Nice to see some sun again, but also the fog has its charm!!!

The E-mail-post below was good, you should post it on GTK, because many people really don't know that.
Much to my surprise: I did know that! (Amazing, because I always thought I knew nothing about IT)but I once worked with a friend where this sort of security and other things like that were very important.
Plus I have no virus-program at the moment. My son took it of, because the Anti-Virus.program was the worst virus he's ever experienced!!! It destroyed one PC and then it was about to do the same with mine as well. It was Bitdefender.

But I never open anything which could be nasty, so that's why I never really had a problem.

Jack, when one looks at your war-story blog there are 2 Jack Kochenour, are both profiles yours?

Karen said...

Sometimes fog is interesting...

Puss-in-Boots said...

The weather is going made over the whole planet. Floods, earthquakes, mudslides, name it, it's happening somewhere.