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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

#670 More Photos of the Fog

With a little bit of luck the fog will clear soon. Rain is expected Tuesday night and will continue through the weekend. After that there my be a light dusting of snow.

These photos were taken near home Monday afternoon.



Sandee said...

We live in the central valley of California and fog is a given during January and February. Not so much this year as it's really been raining a lot. Living in a desert we need this precious raid. Right now we are being hit with a very big storm. Wonderful it is.

Have a terrific day. :)

Ardlair said...

Ours, in Edinburgh Scotland, has all gone.
Snow, fog and all.

But may be back..............

Merle said...

Dear Jack ~~ The photos are great, but the fog etc are so depressing. Happily
they will be gone in a little while.
Thank you so much for your comments, my friend. I hope to post again later tonight. Take care, Kind regards, Merle.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Hi Jack, I finally managed to make a couple of comments on your posts. Also on the last 3 of GTK. Hope, you're not too shocked about the "folded napkin"-one!

I have been so wrapped up with the renovations that I have hardly had time on the net. really frustrating, but the work needs to get done, no matter what!

your last 3 posts on this blog here:
I really like the fog-pics. the golf course-ones are the best!!! what are the red flags on the field above? it doesn't look like a golf course to me... perhaps someone just trying to keep the crows away?

mind you, my son didn't mind playing in the snow when he was younger. one Christmas he was this unlucky that he was caught by a reporter and the picture and the golf story (how crazy some golf players are that they can't get enough of it...) was re-used in almost every Danish magazine...

Re the 2nd Christmas-post: kind of would have thought that there was more to the story, like parts like that, because isn't it typical? when one thing goes wrong, others do as well!
But a least you got some great shots of your little cuty-pie!
how is Maryann doing today? is she fine now and feeling better?

Jack K. said...

The photos above are not of the golf course. They were taken in an addition to the housing development near ours. The red "sign" is a warning that the road ends there.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

no, don't mean the sign, I mean the flags!!! is that where the new houses will be?

thanks for your comments.
yep, it's right, people respond to what you send out!
hard to accept, but true.

feel like reading one more shocking thing today?
You might wanna have a look at this. pretty pics, but the real story is a different one:

Oh I'd love to let you read the book!
But to tell you the truth, it's good to have a soldier read it, most civvies think it's a little harsh... they just don't have the stomach for that sort of thing and chicken out easily...

Jack K. said...

SSG, the flags are put there by a contractor. You made a good guess.

Wanda said...

You have fog....we had a huge downpour today. Southern CA is getting drenched. Mudslides too.
Tomorrow is suppose to be better.

Your pictures are really nice. I enjoyed them.

Merle said...

Hi again Jack ~~ Thanks for your comments, my friend. I am so glad you enjoyed the story and the jokes,
I hope your weather has brightened up
some. We had 41 C today, but it is starting to cool a little now.
Take care, Regards, Merle.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Brrrr that looks damn cold! Shall I tell you about our temperatures to make you feel warmer? It was 38 C here the other day...a trifle warm but easier to cope with than the cold.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Always loved foggy days, especially down by the lake MIchigan shore. The fog horns sounded so neat.

Not much fog out here, just waiting for part two of the rain. Had Tornado warnings last night and the Barret Jackson auction in Scottsdale really got schwacked - lots of very expensive wrecked cars. The winds knocked down some big tents and the heavy steel poles crushed some of the cars.

The governor has declared the state a disaster area.

Angela Marie said...

Oh my husband HATES the fog. If we have it too mcuh, I find him getting down. I don't want to use the word depressed, because I have never seen him get like that. He does get down though. Then he always wants to move out of the Valley.
It is very dangerous though.