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Sunday, December 06, 2009

#657 Boeuf Bourguignonne

It all began shortly after the release of the film Julie & Julia. (We haven't seen the film yet, but it is on our Netflix queue.) Maryann became intrigued with the premise of the film and the recipes. The Sep 30, 2009 edition of Wine Spectator had a section devoted to Julia Child's life & legacy. Thomas Keller was among the chefs who published his version of the recipe of Julia's. (You can find the complete, detailed and very long recipe on page 64.) She decided that it might be fun to try making it. We mentioned it to our friends, Ted and Priscilla. Ted, who is the primary cook in their family, was intrigued and wanted to be included.

It took a while to set a date, but we managed to do that. The meal was to be served on Sep 22nd. However, the preceding Friday we got together to begin preparation. The first part required preparing a reduction in which the meat would "repose" for a couple of days. The following photos were taken on Sunday as we prepared the final steps and then enjoyed. The St. Auguste wine was consumed with the meal. We used a different Buordeaux to cook the beef. Ted's pumpkin cheesecake was absolutely wonderful.

We were invited to share Thanksgiving dinner with Lily, Dick and some friends of theirs. We were asked to bring some pies and bread. Maryann bakes terrific pies. They are displayed in the slides below.

The meal was scrumptious and the friendship delightful. We'll certainly have to do these things more frequently.



The Phosgene Kid said...

Julia and Julie was great. Went to the theater to see it and really loved the whole movie. Julia inspired me to cook as well - used to watch her on PBS all the time!!

shannon said...

looks like both events were much fun. looking forward to sharing a meal or two with you soon, dad!