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Friday, August 21, 2009

#629 Health Care: Who's Responsible?

Thanks to you Pete for your posting of these important concerns and questions. Health care for ALL citizens is not a conservative vs. liberal question, it is a question of caring for each other.

The following questions are taken verbatim from his posting. They are too important to ignore. Read the rest of his posting, you'll be enlightened.

  • How can some of the very same people who want large sums of money spent on traditional national defense also object to us spending money on health care for all citizens?
  • Isn’t keeping Americans alive and healthy the common goal of both our defense system and our health care system?
  • How can you say you want to prevent an anthrax attack from terrorists upon your neighbor, yet not be concerned about preventing or treating a naturally occurring cancer or infection in that same neighbor?
  • How can you want to stop bullets and bombs from raining down upon someone, but be completely indifferent were they to be injured in another context?
  • Who funds our defense system?
We all do, because it is for the common good. We should give health care no less importance, starting now.

I invite all readers to think about this and begin, NOW!



The Phosgene Kid said...

Need to work on the drug companies, the hospitals,insurance companies and the doctors. They are the ones driving the prices up.

The most worrisome thing is that our first African American president has gone from calling it health care reform to health insurance reform, a sure sign there's political skulduggery afoot.

Jack K. said...

Maybe it is the good kind of skulduggery, if there is such a thing. There is no doubt in my mind that greed is ruling in Washington. I, personally, applaud our first African-American president for his erudition and articulateness. It is time for us to come back to caring about one another.

Christina said...

interesting points

Karen said...

Well, I posted my pretty strong reply over at BogsBlog.

Merle said...

Hello Jack ~~ Very interesting and it applies to Australia too. More spent on
war, than on health.
Thanks for your comments, I have had the Safety Pendant for years, but that was the first time I have had to use it.
I will carry less in future, not a lazy man's load. Take care, Regards, Merle.

Pete Bogs said...

Jack - many thanks for sharing my words here!

Sandee said...

We are against it because they are exempt. Why are the ones pushing this exempt. If it's good enough for us it should be good enough for them. Period.