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Friday, May 01, 2009

#597 First day on the road

We left Lansing at 0545 hours today. I am not sure how I managed it, but Maryann drove about 2/3rds if the way. I did realize that sitting for as long as I did, my body was very stiff at every stop. It took a little time and quite a few steps for me to move easily. Damn.

We both downloaded directions to get to our destinations. Maryann used MapQuests and I used Google Maps. Would you believe it, they were different. My directions took us through Oklahoma City using interstates all of the way. Maryann's directions took us off of the interstates at Wichita using US 54. I agreed to use her plan and we got to Santa Rosa, NM sooner than we would have using my directions. What can I say?

We arrived in Santa Rosa at approximately 1545 hours MDT. It was a great drive. Brandon the young man on the front desk was very helpful in recommending a place for dinner. It is a place he says he frequents and so we took him at his word.

These are photos of the restaurant, The Lake City Diner. It is located in an old bank. The vault has been turned into the kitchen.

The tiled portion of the floor is where the banking public would meet the tellers.

Our dinners were absolutely wonderful. Terry, the waitress, was a breath of fresh air.

Should you ever find yourself in Santa Rosa, NM, make it a point to eat there. In fact, you should make it a point to go there for the meal.

Life is good and we are getting closer to meeting young Eli.



Angela Marie said...

First let me say congratulations! New life
Brings new love!


Jack, I have been following your posts on google reader... and I am so excited for you and Maryann! I feel like I am part of your adventure and look forward to the posting's of your trip... and especially the new addition to your family. Sooo sweet!


Bunches of hugs to you and Maryann

Make sure you stretch and walk around when ever you stop.
Drive careful!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Aha, the Meeting is coming closer. Are we going to see photos??

shannon said...

i know i can hardly wait until june to go visit my boy! i got to hear him over the phone a bit last night. my heart stopped so i could hear him better (well, it felt like that). to listen to julianne talk to him, beautiful! she'll be all tired, but as soon as she speaks to him her voice is light.

i've never been more proud of her!

Karen said...

Love new quaint little places to eat.

Enjoy your journey.

Christina said...

continue to have a safe trip!

Bird said...

oooh a road trip for a baby.


keep us all posted.

Peter said...

Keep us posted on your progress.