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Thursday, March 26, 2009

#582 That's What the Doctor Said

Earlier this week I visited my family doctor. Nothing serious. It has been a while since my last visit. I should visit more often. He always has a few jokes to tell. Most of them could be labeled racy, lewd, lacivious or just plain-old groaners. For example; "Why is semen white in color and urine yellow in color? So a man knows whether he is coming or going. I warned you.

On a more serious note. We were talking about humor and how it tends to have a therapeutic effect on our lives and our health. During that interchange he mentioned that he is convinced about that effect when dealing with patients who have dementia. Apparently there is a disconnect between the sides of the brain that deal with emotion and the part that handles rational thought. It has been his experience that when he tells a story that is obviously humorous, people with dementia understand the words, but fail to experience the humor. They don't laugh. They don't smile. They don't even smirk. He has developed or acquired a verbal test to support this.

As an example he mentioned a 65 year old man who is retired and who got 13 out of 31 on his test. The lower the score, the more likely dementia has set in. As a result the patient was referred for an MRI of his brain. The test revealed that the man's brain was 3/4th the normal size. With that much brain deterioration one of the outcomes is dementia.

The doc's inquiries into the connection have brought him to the conclusion that there are no studies, definitive or otherwise looking into the matter. We discussed his beginning a study by administering his test to all of his patients. He is not ready to do that right now, but hopefully will do so in the future.

As for my ailment, it is an itching rash on my back. He says it is dry skin and a water-based lotion should do the trick. So far it hasn't. I must give it more time. I plan to see him again next week. I will try to get him to collect the data to begin his study. Hell, I can help him in some way.

Stay healthy folks. Laugh your cares away. It just might help you to keep dementia away.



The Real Mother Hen said...

Once I heard a doc on a TV program talking about brains and dementia... he said that we have to learn something new and challenging to keep the brain healthy. He gave an example, if one is good with words, then one can do crossword puzzles till one drops dead yet won't benefit the brian. I thought, how could that be? Thinking is good enough, so I thought.

But after talking up aerobics which I'm forced to step out of my comfort zone and learn the new tricks, really learn them, I finally realize what the doc meant. It is learning the challenging unknown that counts. It's interesting.

And may your rash heals soon.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Very interesting. I hope I can laugh my way around this awful condition.

Hope your itches go away soon.

Have a terrific day. :)

Christina said...

Interesting. we should really appreciate a good sense of humor! Hope your rash goes away.

Hale McKay said...

Perhaps you should scratch your wife's back - -

Then she'll scratch yours. ;o}

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Mind you Jack,. Hale's got a good point!!!

Anyway, having dealt with alternative health in more than 25 years what I havwe to say is definitely nothing you will want to hear. But the truth is: skin-disorders are usually caused by a digestive system which doesn't work properly. The really anoying truth is that it can be handled very easily, in a matter of days without medication BUT you have to eat the diet that is natural to the human body and who wants to do that? certainly not many men...

The natural diet would be only raw fruits, veggies and nuts, no coffe, tea, sodas, spices and anyting cooked. No meat etc.

So, do you now feel like killing yourself or do you just wanna strange me???

I myself had only bad experiences with doctors and most practitioners, but found something that works in "natural hygiene".

By all means, do not let the doctor perscribe you cortison - that is if you still intend to live for a couple of years and like your kidneys...

another thing you should do, is simply wear natural materials, like cotton. Your rash will itch a lot less. And stay away from creams and cosmetics. The lotion that your doctior gave you will only give you the feeling taht it works, because it either contains something to suppress the body's de-tox-symtoms or/and because it contains a local pain-killer and that's some cheap trick that most people fall for and then they wonder why their life completely goes down hill after they have been using this stuff for a while...

Anyway, hope you can use this for something.

I don't know, if I have already send you this link?
It shows just how dangerous it can get when you trust doctors and practitioners!

Re dementia: frankly the officially recognized scientists don't have a clue about dementia or many other deseases which are mentally caused! They really are completely fixed on the brain and everything else that they can see in the physical universe.

by my observation those people who f.ex. suffer from demnetia and alzheimers have quite a mental burder to fight with and that's why eventually their brain also deterorates. But the cause is usually not physical, the cause is usually their own unethical behaviour, the crimes they commit towards their fellow man. And because man is good by nature, their only way of stopping themselves is by making themselves completely incapable. So find out what they did towards their surroundings and get them to make up the damage. That should heal them, not some physical treatment which is bound to turn them into even more of a veggetable!

Skunkfeathers said...

This is why I keep fencing with the email scammers ;)

Puss-in-Boots said...

That's a relief...I love jokes. Listening to them and telling them, so my brain's

As for that itch...sounds allergic as the back is the typical place for an allergy rash to make its presence felt. As your doctor for a skin prick allergy test. If it works, you'll know what's causing the itch and can avoid it.

Good luck with it.

Karen said...

Reminds me of our eye doctor... since he's been our doctor for over 40 years, we're almost like family. Therefore, we can say anything to each other.

A couple years ago when hubby was there on his annual visit, doc told him, "You're eyes are drier than a popcorn fart!" :o)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Thought laughing all the time for no apparent reason would be a good sign of dementia...

For the rash, take cool showers (warm water dries the skin) and make sure you drink lots of water. If you don't your body will take it from somewhere else, like your skin.

I teased one of my friends about how if we were younger, we'd be gossiping about hot chicks, but since we're older it is all talk about the latest malady or trip to the Dr.