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Monday, March 09, 2009

#575 When selling a home...

legally you must state everything that is wrong with it.

Thanks, John.



shannon said...

so on a serious note...

say someone sold their house and had spent a ton of money on ant infestation. say they don't disclose that in the sale of the house. then say, the new owners find the receipts and paperwork about the ant infestation. what is the legal recourse?

not us!! swear!!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Bwahahahahaha. I have one of those too. They are indeed annoying.

Have a terrific day. :)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Heehee. I like that one. Our neighbours are lovely, fortunately, because we have five lots surrounding our place.

BTW...did the house sell?

The Real Mother Hen said...

Ha, wonder who would be so keen to buy the house and live next to an asshole! :)

Karen said...


Skunkfeathers said...

LOL...that's a keeper ;-)

Merle said...

Hello Jack ~~ Great joke, wonder if they sold the house.
Thanks for your comments and I am glad you like the jokes I choose to post. Some very kind friends send me lots, but I do give them credit.
I am still having pain walking, so better try feeding the Healing wolf as you say. Take care, Regards,

Merle said...

Dear Jack ~~ Very clever comment -
*Hope you get well ASAP* I am a bit better today so live in hope of feeling really fit again. Glad you liked the peacock joke. Most seemed to like that one from my joke book.
Take care, Regards, Merle.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Hi Jack,
where can I get a whole bunch of those???!!!
Welæl actually we don't need them anymore, our neighbours here are very nice and so were the people where we lived before but before that... uagh, it was really hell, I can tell you.

You know, who really has a licence to kill? No, not James Bond! (At least not at times of peace...)But your local MD! And imagine having a madman like that to share your own grounds with!

And I'm neither kidding, nor talking about his hunting licence, I'm just talking about the people who he sooner or later put into the grave with his medicine practice!

And when a guy like that even manages to create a depression on his dog and doesn't even spare his own family, no matter what you say, then you simply know it's time to move, especially when he thinks, that should also really control your live, as well!!!

But would you believe it, when we did put the house up for sale, he came over and asked us not to leave and that we should give our relationship another chance?!

The guy isn't even evil, he just keeps committing one harmful act after another, because that's what one does in society and then he sits at home and wonders why God lets all these terrible things happen...

Never crossed his mind, that he's causing all that and that he if he only wasn't such a whimp, he could turn things around by starting to think for himself!

And you know what? he's tghe most respected man in the entire area! isn't that interesting?!