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Sunday, February 15, 2009

#565 The Paradigm Shift of Life

It must have occurred 20-25 years ago. Margaret, my late mother-in-law, and I were talking. It was during one of our visits to her home. She mentioned that she wouldn't be around much longer. It gave me pause. My response was an agreement and that she still had a lot of life ahead of her. We were both correct when you put it in perspective. She lived another 20+ years.

Lately, my thoughts return to that conversation. We all know that our time on this plane is finite. When we are young, most of us focus on the near future. Time is on our side. Our efforts are in becoming adults, finding a mate, finding a job, procreating, raising our children, finding a better job, acquiring things, maybe getting a better education, getting sidetracked by a myriad of temptations, finding ways to dull our senses to the results of some of the choices in our lives, learning our life's lessons, ignoring life's lessons, enjoying the fruits of our labors, just to name a few. Some of them are good and some not so good. They are all aimed at lesson learning and mission accomplishment.

At some point we face the inevitable. Margaret did and was kind enough to share that with me. In retrospect, I think she may have had a double meaning. Let me explain. She lived well into her 90's. During the last 8-10 years her dementia worsened. So her loss was doubled. She lost her present and eventually completed her mission and passed on.

More of my inner time is given to thoughts of my own mortality. (An interesting side note - I am about the same age as Margaret was when she shared her realization with me.) Mortality is a given that we accept. It is usually put away in a corner of our mind to be forgotten in the midst of the activities mentioned above. However, there is a time when it begins to make itself known. It will not be denied. Which brings me to some of my dreamons (dreams and demons).

The recognition and then acceptance of one's own life paradigm shift makes life more valuable and poignantly sweeter. As time on this plane dwindles, it seems important to review the list of things mentioned earlier to discover how one fared in completing one's mission(s) of life. We will probably not know the final score until we have passed on to whatever we pass on to. There is the possibility that we accomplished everything we agreed to in this life. There is the possibility that we overlooked one or more lessons. (My focus on learning life's lessons comes from many sources-people and books.) At some point, usually later in life, we will begin to take account.

And, so, my dear friends, what to make of all of these ramblings? Whatever you wish. Just remember it all counts towards whatever it counts toward. You might want to check out the Messiah's Handbook labels on the side or the Michael's teachings link for some interesting perspectives on this discussion. Feel free to agree with all, some or none of it. The choice is yours. So much for my ramblings. Please remember to......

Serve with integrity, care about those you serve and share the love in your heart/soul.



The Real Mother Hen said...

What a profound yet interesting topic.

I had a very bad accident many years ago when I was still in the college. I woke up from the coma, and all I could say was, I was very lucky, extremely lucky. And from that at point onwards, I have always prepared for the final moment, for I honestly don't think I can be that lucky again.

Anyway, in short, the paradigm shift in me was, I really don't care if I go to heaven or feed the daisy or reincarnate. All the after life stuff fail to interest me. I care only how I spend my life right now. I embrace all aspects of life, right, wrong, bad decisions, good decisions, I take all in, and funny enough, embracing life is also like I embrace death openly. And when the awareness of our human mind hits that point, everything is reduced to nothing.

Everything matters. Yet nothing really matters.

Skunkfeathers said...

Interesting topic. One we're all destined to meet. My philosophy on it all is pretty simple: I am what I am. When it's time, I'll leave behind that miniscule footprint of my time, and accept a higher judgement on that which defines what went into the footprint.

Whenever and however thus judged, I can live with that.

Merle said...

Hi Jack ~~ Good post to make us think. I have been married twice and both my husbands died aged 67.
So I was peased to reach 68 etc.
Thank you for your nice words about my grandson and his girl. They sure
did cheer me up a lot. Glad you liked the jokes and the "Always There" poem/prayer. Take care,
Regards, Merle.