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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

#561 Too Much Government!

There are some folks who insist that there is too much government in our lives. There are times when I think they may have something there. After giving it due deliberation it appears they may be on to something.
  • My guess is that when you combine all of the governments at all levels they number the largest employer of the nation.
  • Government, by its very nature, controls/restricts our every behavior.
  • Government, by its very nature, grows.
  • With that number of employees it requires lots of money to remunerate them when you consider pay, health benefits, retirement benefits, etc.
  • Government, by its very nature, is not revenue producing without taxation.
  • Government, by its very nature, must be a leech that sucks the life blood out of hard working citizens.
  • Feel free to add to this list of ills.
I present the following ideas for careful consideration:
  • Immediately do away with all government at all levels in our country.
  • Stop taxing the citizens.
  • Require all citizens to be armed with firearms of only .44 caliber.
  • Require the weapons to be made of nerf material
  • Require that NO ammunition other than the one ( .22 caliber) round displayed in front of the building that was the seat of the former government. The display case would be of the same material that is used to protect and secure the Hope diamond. This requirement would be true for all levels of government.
  • Perhaps there is a place here for nerf swords, daggers and rocks.
Let people's altruistic natures show.

And, perhaps, this should be promoted as another anthem:



Sandee (Comedy +) said...

We have way, way too much government. Way too much. Get ready to watch it grow even bigger with our new administration. It will indeed grow.

Have a terrific day. :)

The Real Mother Hen said...

I dare say only about 35% max of the US populations pay taxes, the rest 65% are children, unemployed, elderly, and wealthy individuals who have accountants to tell them how to avoid taxes.

(Out of the 35%, I dare say 10% are illegal immigrants who contribute to payroll taxes and SS accts which they stole from. No news want to report this of course.)

So you think about the spending of the US government in military and all sorts of things, think about the tax income from individuals and corporates (but remember this is a country where corporations like Enron could balloon its profit to benefit the shareholders but not the govt due to many loopholes), think about the deficit of trade, now it's easy to see that things don't add up. Where did the govt get their money from?

The biggest scam is, "from tax payers money". What a nonsense. Every cent they get from you and I is barely enough to pay the Interest of the loans they are servicing.

And they are going to borrow more money.

But this is nothing new though. The US govt has been using the same approach to squeeze out developing nations since the 50s. It is the same game, but the lenders are different this time.

Puss-in-Boots said...

I think it's the same the world over, Jack. It's the same here in Australia...too many politicians all lining their pockets at the taxpayer's expense and of course, a Govt job is a lifetime tenure with no hard work involved. Years ago, I worked for six months in a Govt Dept, then left. I couldn't stand the work ethic, or what passed for work ethic.

Skunkfeathers said...

"Change you can believe in": starting in 2010, every incumbent in Congress is voted out, and we keep at it until we get 435 representatives and 100 senators that actually put the US first.

Only then will we get "change you can believe in".

Meantime, the bureaucrat is what it is. Inefficient, inept, arrogant.

Peter said...

Hear, Hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Our gov't sold out long ago and gets worse and worse. Lucky or them Americans have lost their independent nature and revolutionary spirit of the capitol building would have been burned to the ground by now.

Still waiting for the change Osama bin Obama was yakking about and have yet to see my cut of the great Washington giveaway.

Polly said...

Too much Government is the catch-cry of the rich.

Did you know there are 700,000 Americans who are going bankrupt each year from being in debt for medical bills??