Serve with integrity. Care about those you serve. Share the love in your heart & soul.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

#559 When the well runs dry....

it really runs dry. I have not been able to put anything in writing lately.

I have learned one lesson recently. When I don't drive my car on a regular basis and I live a dome light on, the battery will run down. Last Friday morning, I get in the car to provide a ride to coffee with the Old Bastards for one of the guys. I knew something was amiss when the speedometer light did not come on. I was further disappointed when I turned the key and nothing happened. And, I do mean nothing. Fortunately, our neighbor across the corner, George, has a trickle charger. He graciously brought it over and we were able to get the battery charged. As soon as the charger was hooked up, the dome light illuminated and I knew exactly what I had done. I did turn it off. On Saturday, we took a drive down the road to the little town of Tonganoxie. You can google it if you choose.

We also spent time today getting our traveling cases ready for our trip to El Paso next Tuesday. Perhaps I will get some ideas for the next posting. I will take the camera and computer with me. I think my brother has some ideas of places for us to visit while there. If there are photos you will see them here.

Well so much for now. Remember to....

Serve with integrity, care about those you serve and share the love in your heart/soul.



Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I did Google the town. That's a small one for sure. I was born and raised in Tillamook, Oregon and when I left at the age of 16 the population was 4,162. I have no idea why I still remember that.

I got a kick out of their governmental budget. The last facility I managed had about the same budget.

Have a terrific day and week. :)

Wanda said...

The little town we moved from and where Angela and Darlene live was 3000 when we moved there 27 years ago... and 4500 when we left.

I think small towns do have unique character.

Sorry about your car incident!! Have had similar ones.

Puss-in-Boots said...

I've only run my car battery down once...and it's a lesson I've never forgotten. Glad your little problem was easily fixed. El Paso, eh? Now, that's a place I'd like to see pictures of. Look forward to your post.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Looks like a nice town... till I read the line that it has a 8.05% sales tax. Ouch.

Oregon has no sales tax, yeah, I hope it does remain that way :)