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Saturday, December 20, 2008

#538 The Visit is.....

going very well. It has been around 17 years since Keith visited. He was here the first weekend we moved into our home. Needless to say, after leaving El Paso with the temperature hovering around 60 degrees the snow and 18 degree weather, he was a bit cool around the edges. We have managed to keep him warm and busy.

We had a few errands to run on Thursday to prepare for a little holiday get-together. We got some special cheeses and wines. On Friday morning I introduced him to my coffee drinking, war story telling buddies affectionately known as the "Old Bastards". We had a great time. I also had time to bake some bread on Friday afternoon. We even took time to visit DorMails, a local art gallery and framing shop. Meredith had some of works on display a few years ago.

He did bring his newest acquisition, a MacBook Pro, 15" laptop. He needed some help in getting to know it better. He also wanted me to see the latest features. I think he is hoping I will consider getting one, or at least upgrading my software. Who knows.

Here it is early Saturday morning and the day will be spent getting ready for the festivities this evening. Maryann is already beginning to get her schedule written down. Next we set the table and get out the glasses.

There are few other things we will be doing. More later.

Did I mention that the weather is supposed to get really cold on Sunday. Wind chills are predicted to be as low as -20 degrees. Brrrr. We'll watch the Chief's last home game on TV.



Gail said...

Uh oh....Matt is talking nonstop about the new Macbook. Three of his friends at college have one and he is chomping at the bit to get one too. He insists he has to learn the Mac OSX. He'll have to wait on this, since he got quite an expensive laptop for high shcool graduation.

It's snowing AGAIN!!!! Maybe we'll have a 2-hour delay tomorrow. (Delays are fine!) The worst is the ice we have gotten. The temperature has been so cold that nothing can really melt and everything freezes again at night.

shannon said...

it's nasty here, too. glad that uncle keith is getting a taste of winter. :)

i will be calling shortly. just making sure my boss doesn't call before i get on the phone. perhaps i'll just call him first.


The Real Mother Hen said...

Haha, everyone with a MacBook will try and convince others to have one! I may eventually get one because I'm so sick of people telling me that I should, ha :)

Skunkfeathers said...

I won't get a MacBook ;)

Know the feeling about the weather; we had our rather horrendous wind chills Sunday morning. Today, it's supposed to touch 40 degrees above ;) HEAT WAVE!

One of these sooner days, I'll have to relate the story from work yesterday..."The Great Chase", also to be knowd as "The Day The Squirrel Ran The Old Guy Ragged, Whilst the World Looked On And Laughed"...

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Jack!

Peter said...

You can keep your cold weather Jack its summer time here and mild enough to be great.

Thanks for all your support of Vicki, we all appreciate it.... have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Christina said...

BRRRRRRRR!!!! It is in the 70's here!

Pete Bogs said...

jack - I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!