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Sunday, December 14, 2008

#534 Christmas Decorations

Here are some of the photos I promised a while back. We did spend time decorating trees and the house last week. The first two are of the main room. You can see the difference in lighting techniques. I usually prefer available light, but that one is a bit dark.

The following one is of the front room where we spend most of our time. As you can see one of us has gotten busy and wrapped some packages. I'll get to my wrapping later today.

This is the week my brother will come. It has been a while since his last visit. We can hardly wait. I just hope he brings some warm clothing. It is much warmer in El Paso than here in Lansing.

More to follow. Now back to the ball game. Who knows the Chiefs may win one today. We can only hope.



Christina said...

Love the Christmas trees. Have a good visit with your brother!

Fred said...

Great pictures. We decorated the tree last night.

The Bucs lost to Atlanta today. It was a game we shudda won.

Angela Marie said...

Your tree's look wonderful!

I just got around to finishing one of our tree's today.

I hope that you have a lovely visit with your brother and do a lot of catching up.

My son visits Kansas quite often. He lives in Nebraska and has friends that live there. He was there for Thanksgiving.


bronxbt said...

aw man that sure looks festive and awesome. i can seeee myself sippin' eggnog and relaxing near that tree...

thank you for the share, jack.

happy holidays!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Nice! Now I'm inspired to do some decoration... what am I talking about, I only have one tree, and that's my one and only decoration.

Merle said...

Hello Jack ~~ I hope you got that
wrapping done!! Your photos are nice. It is a lovely time of year.
I can't do much gardening any time
but my son and a friend do most of it for me. I have an old table with 2 containers of green beans growing in them. I managed that.
Your springtime will come soon enough. My brother Peter is having a hard time with his daughter Vicki so ill, she never got much better but is trying a new
regime at a wellness center, so I pray that will help her. Thank you for sending Reiki thoughts to her.
Take care, Regards, Merle.

shannon said...

you all should see the tree they helped me decorate here in portland! :) it is their very first tree from when they got married...oh wait, i think dad posted them shortly after arriving home.

anyway, i love it and cherish it. just like i love them and cherish them...

okay, enough sap. ;)

Karen said...

Ver-ry pret-ty!!